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It is often difficult to decide which words are worth spending time studying and learning. The goal of this digital logbook is to take the guesswork out of things and set you up for success. For more visit Second Language Strategies. Have suggestions? Let us know!

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    100 Most Common Verbs

    Figuring out which verbs to focus on is vital when you're getting started. It is difficult to practice words you don't use in your day to day life. This logbook is designed to help guide you to learning to speak your target language in the same way you speak your native language.

    100 Most Common Adverbs

    Once you have verbs down, it is time to start focusing on expanding your vocabulary. By adding adverbs into the mix, you'll be able to better express yourself in a variety of circumstances. If you speech is feeling stale, adverbs and adjectives will take it to the next level.

    100+ Most Common Adjectives

    Hand in hand with adverbs, adjectives will facilitate more precise speech. By slowly adding more and more descriptive words into your vocabulary you will find you are able to express yourself not only more accurately, but more eloquently.